Honda Rescue GarageEvents & Friends North Carolina Meet – July 2018

Winding down a 5,000 mile road trip, my final stop on day 35 was a meet with some good Civic wagon friends in the Southern United States, along with some new friends. My buddy Billy was able to work with a friend of his at a NAPA location in High Point, North Carolina. They had an unusually large parking lot, and their distribution center was closed on Saturdays. This worked to our favor. They were kind enough to let us use their facility, and we thank them for that.

Below are a bunch of photos from the cars that made the meet. I’ll add notes and links to their accounts when I can.

Chase, my friend that helps with the Instagram account, has a fleet of classic Hondas. When you have so many, you can diversify. This is his rat rod EF Civic sedan. Equipped with a super clean D16Z6 under the hood. Chase has a lot of rad stuff going on, you can follow his Instagram account here.

Chase’s little brother Logan, aka Frank, also made it out in his EF sedan. Although a bit different, his is mostly stock and exceptionally clean for an old Civic EX. You can check out his Instagram account here

This was my first time meeting WIll, who brought out his EF Civic Si with 300,000 miles. Will works at Duncan Imports and has a constant eye on the market. So it’s no surprise he comes across gems like this Si. Check out Will’s Instagram account here for some awesome Honda content.

Billy, aka Simply Honda, is another one of those with a fleet of cars, mostly Hondas. He was the only one that was actually able to bring two cars out to the meet. First, directly below, is his first generation CRX which he has owned since (I believe) high school. The classic Hondasport banner on the windshield speaks volumes for someone like me. The car is tastefully modified and sits right on a set of Mugen CF-48’s. Check out his RT4wd Civic wagon down below, and check out his Instagram here

Not completely my flavor, I still have much love for anything clean and OE-based. Plus, some of these parts take a lot more than just money to come by. So props for c

Abide is a long time member of the forum. He’s built this sick SCCA RallyCross Honda Civic RT4wd wagon packing a turbocharged Vitara build D16 VTEC. He’s been known to drive all over for races and road trips, and made the drive from Lynchburg, Tennessee for this meet.  Check him out on Instagram here.
Abide's Rallycross 4wd Civic

Here’s Billy’s Honda Civic RT4wd wagon. Stock+ with some rare optional bits. Simple, smart, love it!

Andy drove all the way down from Maryland in his mostly stock RT4wd Civic. I may be alone when I say I like the stock height on the Enkei’s, gives it a rally look haha. Check out his Instagram here.

Jon had the longest drive, aside from myself, and came all the way from Arkansas- a 16 hour drive! Kudos to him for making it out in his off-road monster RT4wd Civic. Equipped with a dual-overhead cam ZC motor paired to the stock 6 speed 4wd transmission because of course a lifted Civic needs a classic motor like the DOHC ZC. 

Last and not least Ben from HRG (Honda Rescue Garage) and his insane 4wd Civic wagon like no other. This car is a whole new take on the lifted RT4wd Civic wagon and obviously attracts a lot of attention, and you can check out his Instagram here

As any good get together should, we got burgers. We took a break and ran to Big Burger Spot for some food and beverage before heading back. It was hot as hell so it was nice to get some A/C and liquids. This was a quality not quantity meet. Everyone was super cool, and some good friends made it along with meeting some new people. I look forward to a lot more get together’s in the South!

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