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Old School Reunion 2015- Seattle

This was my first Old School Reunion, having just moved to Seattle. It was a great turnout with some awesome weather. I took photos of over 100 cars, but to save my sanity I narrowed it down to about 15 of my favorites. I’ve posted them below for your enjoyment.

Very cool BWW 2002 race car, I would have liked to have seen under the hood.
BMW 2002

Not my favorite generation of Civic, but this was a very clean MK3 sitting on some Mugen wheels.
3rd generation Civic

Justin March’s famous first generation Honda Civic wagon. Packing a turbo B16, NSX brakes, custom everything basically. Justin's Civic wagon

Justin's Civic wagon

I just sold a brown/champagne first generation Accord before moving to Seattle. My paint wasn’t this nice but I still regret the sell. MK1 Accord

Old school Porsche 911. Nothing crazy, just a classy red sports car. Old school Porsche

Not really into the pickup scene, but I did enjoy this Datsun. Datsun pickup

First cars I really enjoyed as a kid were air-cool VWs. This Squareback is a perfect example of why. Volkswagen Squareback

There were quite a few Beetles there today. This was hands down my favorite, and not just because it’s my favorite color. It has a really great style going with the loaded rack and food tray. VW Beetle

There was also a few Z cars there. This one had to have been my favorite. Very clean and well sorted. Nissan Z

Just a ratty Merc. Rat Mercedes

Someday I’ll own a BMW 2002 like this. Looking fresh with the baby blue paint and Alpina wheels. BMW 2002

Never really cared for MINI Coopers. But this was a very cool example. Helps that it’s white haha. MINI Cooper

Just a cool VW Bus. VW Bus

On my way out I actually spotted this Datsun 510 wagon in the parking lot. One of my favorite cars from the event, I hope others got to see it too. Datsu 510 wagon

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