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Old School Reunion 2018 – Seattle

2018 marked the 10th year The Old School Reunion has had a meet in the Seattle area. This year, like 2017, the Old School Reunion was held at the Kelley Farm in Bonney Lake, Washington. I held out and made this my last day as a resident of the Seattle area before I move to Atlanta, Georgia. I needed to stick around for my favorite get together in the Northwest before venturing to the dirty South.

The weather seemed as if it was not going to cooperate, but as luck would have it, it did. It was another great turnout at a great location and the perfect way to say goodbye (see ya later) to the beautiful Northwest. The usual characters were in attendance, my CivicWagon.com buddies, the classic Honda guys from British Columbia, and a lot of the other Japanese and European cars I have grown to recognize in the area.

Below are just some of my favorites that I was conscious enough to grab photos of. I actually did a fair amount of video so expect to see a video of the meet up on YouTube soon.

First is Justin March’s beautiful first generation Honda Prelude. This chassis doesn’t get near enough love in the custom and restoration community. As builds like this continue to pop up, we can only hope they gain more in popularity.

Next is a custom first generation Honda Accord. My first car happened to be a 1978 Accord CVCC Automatic that I owned in the late 90’s. I thought it was the lamest thing ever being a hand-me-down from my sister. Little did I know back then what was possible with this platform. Someday I’ll build one nice and clean like this one below.

Swapped Mitsubishi Starion looking super clean!

Always a big turn out at the Old School Reunion with the Air-Cooled Volkswagen crowd.

I feel I’ve seen this motor in a different car before lol

Another super clean Beetle.

Loving this ratty VW bus with the modern Porsche wheels.

Bob’s sick little wide-bodied first-generation Honda Civic featuring a turbo DOHC ZC swap.

Lightly modified Z car that caught my attention.

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