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My trip to DirtFish Rally School

I was fortunate enough to visit DirtFish Rally School on a snowy December day. A little networking and a happy client let to the crew at my office actually getting a paid for half-day. Perk of being in the automotive marketing industry. Below are photos from my trip. The first couple are some of the owners personal rally cars. Some of which you can see had some famous drivers in the seat- including Colin McRae. Further down you’ll find some photos of myself driving, which I obviously did not take. DirtFish actually has a photographer snapping pics of us and then provided USBs for everyone with driving photos from the day. The photos that aren’t of me driving I did take though.

As you would expect, it was an amazing time! I was worried about what could be accomplished in a half-day driving course, but was really happy with everything about DirtFish Rally School.

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